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H13 Hexa-yurt “Burning Man"

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I would love to keep this, but I am moving back home to Texas and raising money. This H13 design is unique in how I tapped the pieces together to fold up compactly. Folded up it roughly sizes in at about an 8ft x 4ft x 1.2ft block. Its H13 design gives a gracious standing room height of 8ft, covering about a 13.5ft space diameter. This yurt provides about a 20-degree temperature difference inside versus the standard tents used in the desert. The project came out to over a $1000 to build. The yurt is made with R-max Thermasheath polyisocyanurate 1in Insulation panels, however 3 damaged wall panels were removed and recycled, in which you will need to pick up 3 new ones at $21 each from Home Depot. No cutting required, just tapping making it a quick and easy fix. You will also need enough 6 in filament tape to do so and to reconstruct the yurt during go time. The tape was ordered in bulk from a specialty store online. The door has some unique artistic touches and comes with hardware. I installed a small weatherproof sealed plexiglass window on one of the ceiling panels, a ventilation hole for a solar powered vent (not included). It comes with precut PVC piping which when tapped to the sides provide great rope anchoring. Heavy-duty rebar stakes and tennis balls are included. This yurt is in fantastic condition, and finely detailed. I recently started renovating the yurt with removable wallpaper, and reinforced edges with metal.

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