Electrical and wiring installation
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Electrical and wiring installation

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I charge 22 dollars an hour and can do just about anything electrical. I am only one person, so if it’s to big of a job ,I may need a helper and that will raise the price hourly. We have the tools and the knowledge to do fabulous work while still being code compliant. We treat all jobs as if it’s how we would want it done for ourselves. We clean up after ourselves and respect all of the customers personal property. The initial charge for coming out to observe and appraise the job is a fixed price of 50$. However, If all material is available and we start right after the appraisal that fixed price will be lowered to 35$ as a discount for being prepared and then our/my hourly rate will begin. If material is not provided and We have to supply it, we will give you an estimate of the cost for material, and the total of material will be refunded back to us, along with our hourly rate after completion of the job. Send me a message on here to get your appraisal now!

North Dinwiddie içinde Electrical and wiring installation


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