• 4th gen Apple TV 32 GB 50ae949c-d862-4ce2-b75c-8189c6f79e8d
  • 4th gen Apple TV 32 GB be3119f2-f523-4af5-8ad6-7f45b83b1ed7
  • 4th gen Apple TV 32 GB 3bb58de6-7f0c-4d6b-90e5-eebbf0d09f13

4th gen Apple TV 32 GB

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Brand new condition, Apple TV 4th generation. NOT 4k! Won as a gift at an office party We did not use it for watching tv and such as we don’t pay for services that it offers like the Netflix and such. Not sure if I still have the box or if it got thrown out. I will look around for it. I don’t know if it has The Apple protection thing on it or not, I do not know how to tell. Might have a short HDMI cable for it as well I think. Thank you for looking

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