Wii and gamecube (consoles and games)
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Wii and gamecube (consoles and games)

28 days ago

Im probably better off putting this on ebay. $500 for all of these games is a really good deal espeicially if youre a collector and enjoy the nostalgia. This is also a great gift for kids if you dont want to get them one of those brand new systems and ruin their interest in other things. I would really prefer to sell them all together as a set. None of these games are too hard to find other than fire emblem path of radiance which is roughly $170 on its own. All of the games work and are in good condition with their manuals and original cases. Sonic mega collection Mario kart wii Mario kart double dash Super smash brothers brawl Super smash brothers melee Fire emblem radiant dawn Fire emblem parh of radiance The legend of zelda twilight princess, windwaker, collectors addition (gamecube) 4 gamecube controllers (only one is off brand) 1 wii controler One gamecube One wii

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Wii and gamecube (consoles and games) in Jessup


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