WHITE PICTURE FRAME (wood, glass panel)
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WHITE PICTURE FRAME (wood, glass panel)

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Had this frame custom made to hold a papyrus painting I got when I traveled to Egypt. Unfortunately during several moves, the painting as with life, changed (papyrus is very delicate), and now I have no use for it. I was very particular about wanting a white frame made to accentuate the murky color of papyrus paper so the design was accentuated in any room. Hence, it took me a while to get the perfect frame - close to 7 months.. I’ve saved this now for over a year despite having no papyrus thinking I’ll find a substitute “ideal picture” to frame, but I don’t think it works that way. :( Anyways, I hope it finds a new home...and maybe a new papyrus! Original price: 75$ Condition: Normal wear and tear Size: glass panel - 17.5 x 23.5 inches / frame 1.75 inches all the way around Hashtags: frame, pictures, photography, decor, design, white, floral, interior design

WHITE PICTURE FRAME (wood, glass panel) in Los Angeles


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