Vinyl name decal!
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Vinyl name decal!

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White Vinyl Name Monogram Message the seller the name for decal and also if the decal is for a 20oz or 30oz tumbler. Keep in mind, the measurements for a 30oz tumbler is approx. 3.98"W 2.99"H You will receive your name monogram on white backing sheet with clear transfer sheet on top. Tips when applying your decal- · Apply vinyl decals only to clean, smooth surfaces. The cleaner the surface, the better it will adhere. · If applying to a mug or tumbler: Be sure that the mug/tumbler is not full of a hot or cold drink, as this will affect the vinyl decal while applying. To apply your decals: · Before application, place the decal on a flat surface and remove the white backing sheet, leaving the decal attached to the clear "transfer" sheet. Carefully affix the decal and clear “transfer” sheet to the surface you select · Apply slight pressure to smooth any air bubbles. · Starting at the top left, carefully and slowly remove the transfer sheet. Use a rocking motion. When removing the transfer sheet, the decal should stay on the surface you selected. However, if the decal stays on the transfer sheet, simply affix the transfer paper to the surface again and apply more pressure to the decal. Do not wash the surface with hot water. Hand wash only. TUMBLER NOT INCLUDED.

Vinyl name decal! in Parkville


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