Toyota - Corolla - 1998 (Needs Towing)
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Toyota - Corolla - 1998 (Needs Towing)

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This is my 1998 Toyota Corrolla. It's got about 162,000 miles on it. There are issues with it. There's no driver side handle (from the inside) but I did purchase the handle to be installed. The handle on the passenger side is broken. The headlight on the left side is out. The right headlight works. I unfortunately got hit on both sides (not my fault) so both sides need work. There's a crack in the coolant system, so the car overheated and is down. I also think there's something wrong with the starter. The car will have to be towed. (Anyone with a tow truck, please feel free to message me) At this point, I just want the car gone. It's 20 years old, but with the issues fixed, will run great. Heat is awesome in the winter. Air conditioning works too. Power locks and windows.

Toyota - Corolla - 1998 (Needs Towing) in Parkville


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