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  • Toyota-Camry-1994-V6 ab8f43da-0c29-424b-9cc7-045dae8d2cec


1+ month

Camry LE V6 *243,832 miles *Runs good, still driving the car. *Does not burn oil. Maintained with synthetic oil. *All systems functional. *Replaced all brake pads, brake rotors, tie rods, fan belts, radiator, power steering pump, alternator, battery, left axle, top motor mount, front window regulators, inside front door handles, and windshield within the last 15k miles. *Great around town car. Exterior - driver's side rear door has dent from fender bender. Doors open and close like new. No water leakes. Various small dents scatches Interior - as expected for age of car but functional. All power windows and locks are functional. A/C works but needs charging.

Toyota-Camry-1994-V6 in Severn


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