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TODAY! Queen Mattress, Box Springs

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Mattress is extremely comfortable, will need cleaning with vinegar and baking soda because it's dusty from storage with some contact spotting on the sides (not the top!), box springs wrapped in plastic. Step 1 Fill a spray bottle with pure white vinegar, and twist on the cap. Step 2 Spray a light coat of the vinegar all over the mattress, and let it air dry. The vinegar will naturally disinfect the mattress. Step 3 Spray any stains with a heavy coat of the vinegar until the area of the mattress is saturated. Step 4 Sprinkle a heavy coat of baking soda onto the mattress stain also, and let it sit overnight. Step 5 Vacuum your mattress the next day to remove the baking soda. The vinegar will kill bacteria and pull out odor, while the baking soda will absorb the excess moisture from the mattress

TODAY! Queen Mattress, Box Springs in Ventura


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