Supernova Supercloset
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Supernova Supercloset

22 days ago

Used for two grow seasons. A few broken airstones, otherwise ready to use. Paid $3600. Description: The SuperCloset LED Grow Box is the ONLY All-in-One Hydroponic Kits that includes all of the following: 12 Bandwidth Full Spectrum 3 Watt Kind LED Grow Light on Adjustable Yo-Yo’s for Full Light Control and Maximum Penetration T-5 Supplemental Side Lighting: The perfect cool spectrum supplement to your overhead LED light. Compliment your spectrum, increase your under canopy production, and fill out your fruits and flowers. Dual Action Activated Carbon Scrubbers for Complete Air Filtration Fully Automated SuperPonics System which grows your plants up to 2-5x Faster than traditional methods by combining Top Feed, Deep Water Culture, Bubble, & Aeroponics Adjustable Cloning Chamber with SuperCloner and Mamaponics System giving you 100% Cloning Success. Powered by two cool white 6500k lights. Perfect for seedlings, clones, mothers, as well as early vegetative growth, and integral for Continual Harvesting Cycles. Adjustable Net Screen Trellis which promotes up to 30% Larger & Higher Yielding Plants Adjustable Internal Circulation Fan for “4 Corner” Air Distribution Anti-Mold Reflective, Removable, and Adjustable Panels provide optimal light distribution and cleanliness. Condition: Good

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