Stunning Glass Display Cabinet. REDUCED!
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Stunning Glass Display Cabinet. REDUCED!

26 days ago

This cabinet has glass on all 4 sides. It is 76” in Height, 40” in Width and 18” in Depth. It has 5 removable, adjustable shelves plus the bottom that is a mirror, practically 6 shelves! There is recessed lighting in the ceiling, it is lockable and it’s most desirable feature is that it moves on hidden wheels smoothly and discreetly. This is a deluxe unit with all desirable features one could wish for. Since it has glass on all 4 sides it can be used as a room divider! I had it between the living room and dining nook so the precious collections could be viewed by guests from both areas! All the more compliments the owner will get! The front center panel is the door that lets you arrange your curios easily. I will miss this for to look at the exquisite things it held not only brought great joy but also inspired me as I gazed at them! I am moving, it is your gain, your lucky opportunity to own a grand cabinet and collect and display things that speak of you, your personal taste and perhaps accomplishments! It is in par excellent condition; yet the price is low (that of an used object)! Condition: Like new

Stunning Glass Display Cabinet. REDUCED! in Falls Church


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