Solid Sapphire Gemstone Over 200 Karats
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Solid Sapphire Gemstone Over 200 Karats

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I bought this from a Police Auction with the hopes of using it as an investment like gold or cutting it down to make jewelry but i havent the tools or time to invest. The sapphire has a few inclusions that can be cut away if used for jewelry or it can be kept as an investment for the future like some people do with Gold etc. great for collectors or jewelers or just someone who wants a beautiful blue jewel. I was told at police auction that this is not a lab grown sapphire, but it has obviously been cut/ faceted by someone down the line. It has been heat treated to improve the color brillance. Seeing as i am currently stuck between a rock or (sapphire as it were lol) and a hard place, i need to buy a car for work so i am offering this at 400 OBO. Condition: Like new

Solid Sapphire Gemstone Over 200 Karats in Martinsburg


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