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**BRAND NEW** Local pick up only The first six pictures are what i called Slime ornaments. The first two are gold leaf and silver leaf, respectively. These are the LARGE SIZE which costs $5 ea. Then, is the fishbowl slime ornaments. Theses are the MEDIUM SIZE which cost $3.00 ea. And the last three pictures are the winter mix, fruit mix or fruit cocktail, and emoji mix SMAL SIZE ornaments which cost $1 ea. . Then theres the 4oz glitter slime. There is gold, green, and red glitter slime. The second to last pictures is how your packaged/gift wrapped slime will come with the container.(I did forget to take a picture with the Care sheet but i will include it with the ourchase as I said in the last listing) And in the last picture, is the slime add-ins. The little packets you see in the front are $1 ea. and the small jar in the backround is $1.00 and the bigger one $2. Price is NOT NEGOTIABLE. All slime is gift wrapped. The choices of colour of bags to gift wrap are green and dark blue. There will be some treats in the bag with the purchased, gift wrapped slime such as candies and maybe some charms. Must be local to meet.