Shopkins Collection!
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Shopkins Collection!

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we are selling our collection of over 600 Shopkins, including seasons 1 through 6, Seasonal sets, and Chef's Club sets. I'll list prices for each set individually, or if you'd like the entire collection for the listed bundle price ill do it at a reduced cost. You'll find pictures of the sets. I've listed the individual sets and prices below. I'm essentially offering them for about quarter a piece, if you're familiar with these things in the store, you'll know this is a deal. Season 1 (94 shopkins) $25 Season 2 (86 shopkins) $20 Season 3 (92 shopkins) $25 Season 4 (77 shopkins) $20 Season 5 (48 shopkins) $10 Season 6 (59 shopkins) $15 Jelly and Metallics (35 shopkins) $10 Seasonal Sets (approx 100 shopkins plus furniture) $50 Chef's Club Kitchen (approx 35 shopkins plus appliances) $35 That totals $210, but I'll sell the entire collection for $150 cash. They are all in like-new condition, if you went and bought just the themed sets at the bottom of the list at the store, you'd easily spend more than a hundred bucks, so its a great chance to get a huge haul of Shopkins plus accessories! Again, I'll sell any of the individual sets for the prices listed above, or i'll sell the whole thing for $150. Its an easy way to get a huge collection of Shopkins, furniture etc.

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