• Rims with tire 0222429f-9470-4216-bde4-fe6d7f5eb3c4
  • Rims with tire 33e773ac-b946-4d20-a554-1abe3a8e7f30
  • Rims with tire 2c4da964-4ec8-4601-9875-c3d0111b7393
  • Rims with tire 05a023c9-e674-4996-97bd-0f21762ca459
  • Rims with tire f7ce3d0a-985e-4249-be21-3db130f75b3f

Rims with tire

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1+ month

These are Audi A4 Factory rims 245/45R17 Compatible with other rims TPS included Very good condition, looking for trades as well. Condition: Like new

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