• PINK&BLACK _JORDANS _perfect condition 168ceb1c-8e00-4790-86cf-a1cf4fc631c0
  • PINK&BLACK _JORDANS _perfect condition 1e11a0e2-9855-4cb7-9505-9633d9e3de3b
  • PINK&BLACK _JORDANS _perfect condition 4d0d2f27-b131-4521-8583-b2276427ace9
  • PINK&BLACK _JORDANS _perfect condition aff289b6-d4ce-42ab-bf72-3c41251347a3
  • PINK&BLACK _JORDANS _perfect condition e9452bdc-e515-4ece-8d5b-cb7bd9b4b208

PINK&BLACK _JORDANS _perfect condition

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Pink and black Jordans. Size 7.5 . Bought them for $140.00 and they ended up being to big . They were only worn once for a few mins . So practical never been worn . This is a steal ! Any questions please let me know . Thank you Size: 7.5 Condition: perfect Original price: $140.00 Brand: Jordans Reason for sale: they are to big for me or I would keep them.

PINK&BLACK _JORDANS _perfect condition in Billerica


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