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Organic Shampoo (shikakai amla aritha)

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3 days ago

Equal parts of three powders totaling approximately an ounce. Enough for about 4-5 washes in hard water or 10 washes in soft water. Use: 1. If you have hard water add 2 teaspoons of powder mix to a restaurant diner style ketchup or mustard bottle. You need something you can shake, I got mine from dollar store. I've also seen little squeeze bottles for salad dressing at dollar store and Bed Bath and Beyond which I think would work nicely. For soft water use 1 teaspoon for shoulder length hair. This mixture won't keep long when wet so I make it every time before shower, takes two seconds. 2. Add about 2-3 tablespoons of hot water if you've got hard water (I add hot because it cools off when I shake it). For soft water add a tablespoon or less. 3. Shake vigorously until foam is formed. 4. CLOSE YOUR EYES and pour over wet hair. Target scalp only, the remaining hair will get washed in the process. 5. Scrub scalp 3 minutes or so and rinse out well. After towel drying I like to follow with Aveda Brilliant Damage Control especially if I'm going to blow dry the hair but I've noticed that it helps me to detangle as well (bonus, it smells amazing). I believe this Aveda product is low poo as opposed to no poo but I love it. Also, I prefer to start combing at the bottom and work my way up with a wide toothed bamboo comb. Shipping available and is additional $4.50 anywhere in US.

Organic Shampoo (shikakai amla aritha) in Montgomery Village


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