• Neumann U87  (PRO MIC) 6800ccc8-6515-456b-a5af-ede452f20e50
  • Neumann U87  (PRO MIC) e76b4772-4c8d-445f-a7f2-aaf0fa12c0a5
  • Neumann U87  (PRO MIC) d6062c8a-4105-40a4-a981-92dfbf34a25a
  • Neumann U87  (PRO MIC) 84d4b501-6ede-455f-a70a-4208a9c0cc34
  • Neumann U87  (PRO MIC) 0
  • Neumann U87  (PRO MIC) 1
  • Neumann U87  (PRO MIC) 2
  • Neumann U87  (PRO MIC) 3

Neumann U87 (PRO MIC)

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My vintage Neumann U87ai pro mic is for sale. Its from around 1988 or so. These have the BEST tone of the U87s. Better than the most modern version which are extremely bright. These are the best microphones in studio recording history. No mics have made more hit songs than the U87. Theyre handmade in Germany and have been the #1, go-to, pro studio mic for the last 60 years. Theyre the BEST. Its a phenomenal microphone and sounds incredible. I am selling to fund another project. Smoke free home and taken care of. Let me know... Thank you! $2500 Condition: Good

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