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Msi Gaming Laptop

1+ month

Msi Gaming Laptop in Great condition 15” model with a full HD Display intel Core i7-8750H CPU @2.20GHz , NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 , 16GB RAM over 200GB SSD, 930GB HDD and many other great features this Laptop also has alot of good features if interested message us or stop by our store location at 5700 Jefferson Davis hwy 23234 | Business hours 11AM - 7PM  Wednesday 11AM - 7PM  Thursday 11Am -  7PM  Friday 11AM -  7PM  Saturday 11AM -  7PM  Sunday | Monday  - Closed Tuesday - Closed | 5700 Jefferson davis hwy N Chesterfield VA 23234 | Here at Wireless trade We Buy, Sell, and trade Cell phones ???? Laptops ???? computers ???? tv’s ???? and Electronic devices like headphones Or Game Systems ETC, we also Sell Cell Phone Services like Prepaid t-mobile and Prepaid Verizon or At&t and get you Unlimited talk text and Data for $50 a Month, we offer a 30 Day Warranty on All of our Products we sell, the warranty covers everything on our products and everything should work as advertised like the day it was New or we will give your Money back. Condition: Like new

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