Silver Table Lamps ($40 for Both!!!)
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Silver Table Lamps ($40 for Both!!!)

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16 days ago

Beautiful Lamps with the adjustable light bulb options. So few sold retail today except above 60 watts. These take 3way bulbs up to 150w. I also have a standing version well it matches beautifully with either set. It's 2 months old actually they all match however the two larger ones give a more casual look. they a little taller with larger rounder base they also take three-way and high wattage bulbs available however in LED so you can shine bright without breaking the bank $33each or$57 for both. Then there's always your desktop backup or dark kitchen corner light up it's approximately 15 in tall brushed silver, two brand new shades to choose from also takes up to a 100 Watts. Shine on!