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IKEA Patio Umbrella

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Listing is for umbrella and concrete base only IKEA Article Number: 303.878.68 The fabric gives excellent protection against the sun’s UV rays as it has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 50+, which means it blocks 98% of the ultraviolet radiation. You can easily turn the umbrella to shade different areas since it can be rotated 360 degrees. Tilt function provides protection from the sun all day long. The air vent reduces wind pressure and allows heat to circulate. The crank makes it easy to open and close the umbrella. With a light, passing rain shower, you can stay and relax under the umbrella since the canopy repels water. The parasol pole is made of aluminium which means it won’t rust. The strap with buckle keeps the fabric in place when folded. Umbrella base is sold separately and can be purchased at IKEA. Original price: $169