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Si - Civic

1+ month
Car details

This was a father son project. We bought the car with a bad engine. Did a full JDM swap on it, while it was out put new axle on one side, new clutch kit, new clutch line, and new headers. The new engine only has 65k miles. The last idea was to save up some money and buy a turbo for it, while saving up, he purchased another car and lost interest in this one. Car just needs some finishing touches, the front bumper I have to find the rest of the clips for, hood and headlights could use replacing (was going to put smoked lights and carbon fiber hood) needs a muffler or current muffler welded, and probably a battery. Runs and drives great. Has lots of power!! Clean clear title. I have well over $3000 in this, just looking to recoup some of it back.