Handmade dreamcatchers
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Handmade dreamcatchers

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I make handmade dreamcatchers as well as other crafty things such as per cremation urns. All items are priced as negotiable. I'm not looking to get rich, just to get by. I'm currently homeless and I make crafty things to distract me from my everyday struggle and constant sadness. All proceeds go to cat and dog food then food and drinks (juice mixes, sodas, etc. The city water where I'm at is foul and nobody I know can stand to drink it) for myself. If anyone happens to be getting rid of/donating any camping supplies like tents, propane, hunting knives or any tools, women's summer clothes or (fingers crossed lol) a running vehicle or rv (gotta be a little hopeful right?) I'd be more than happy to take them off your hands. The tree dreamcatcher is an unfinished project but will be completed tonight. I just liked how it was turning out and really wanted to share that with someone ☺️

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Handmade dreamcatchers in Sacramento


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