GE Large-Capacity Gas Dryer
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GE Large-Capacity Gas Dryer

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This is a beautiful, brand new, GE, large-capacity, gas, dryer. It was bought by a couple on John's Island and when they brought it home the husband scratch it as he was unloading it from the truck and the wife refused to let it into the house with scratches on it. IT'S NEVER BEEN USED! It does have some scratches on it but red Appliance touch up paint pen, could take care of those. If I could use this in my house I would not even be selling it. We just don't have gas in our house. I believe I have the manual on this item but I'm going to have to check. I looked for a model number or anything that could identify this particular model and couldn't find anything on the machine which was kind of weird. I will continue to look. So if you want to take advantage of buying a brand new machine for almost a fraction of what it retails for here's your chance.

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