Gaming PC-Water Cooled i5-7600K
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Gaming PC-Water Cooled i5-7600K

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27 days ago

Built with all high quality components. I will also include my SportsBot Gaming Headset, Gaming Mouse w/ Adjustable DPI, & Mechanical Keyboard combo all of which are equip with blue LED’s to match the theme of the rig. With some RGB in the mix as well. Along with a 27” LG Monitor and 2 identical Envision Monitors as well. Specs listed below. • Motherboard-MSI Z270 Gaming M6 AC (Intel WiFi AC & Bluetooth, 2x Turbo M.2 with Steel Armor & Solid Heat Sinks w/ Fully Customizable RGB LED’s) • CPU- i5-7600K, 3.9GHz Base, 4.8GHz Turbo, Quad Core, 6MB, LGA1151 Socket (VR & 4K Ready) • CPU Cooler-Corsair Hydro H80i High Performance Self maintained Liquid Cooler • Graphics- PCIe Cards- + +Matrox Video Encoder Card (Previously Used for a Surveillance System) • Memory-32GB (4x8GB) Crucial Ballistix Sport LT, DDR4, 2400MHz RAM • Storage Total- 1TB SSD & 2TB HDD + 500GB Samsung 970 Evo M.2 PCIe SSD (Local Storage) + 500GB Samsung 860 Evo Plus SATA SSD (High Speed Backup Storage) + 2TB Toshiba DT01ACA200 HHD, Raid 0 (Secondary Backup Storage) • Power Supply-1000W Evga Supernova P2, +80 Platinum Rating • Disk Drive- LG 24X DVD Burner, Black, SATA, Model #GH24NS95 • Hidden Multi-Card Reader • Case- Corsair 450D Case w/ + 400mm RGB LED Strip + x6 CoolMaster Sickle 120mm, Sleeve Bearings LED Exhaust Fans + x2 Corsair Quiet/High Airflow, 140mm LED Intake fans for extreme ventilation Condition: New