Funko POPS 2
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Funko POPS 2

24 days ago

Hello! Thank you for clicking on my ad. I’m selling some of my Funko Pop Figures. Both post combined are valued at 790$ but if you buy the whole lot you can take it home for 550$ Most boxes are in excellent condition but there are some that have seen a better day and the price will effect that for sure. Just let me know which ones interest you and i’ll let you know how much i am asking for the pop. Discounts if purchase more than 5 at once! Star Wars: •31 R2-D2 •61 BB-8 •68 First Order Flame Trooper Dead Pool:- ALL SOLD •Deadpool •Solo •Slapstick Marvel: •03 Spider-Man •Dancing Groot-SOLD •Rocket Raccoon (PX EXL)-SOLD •127 Falcon (HT EXL) •150 Doctor Octopus •273 Black Panther (Chase) Kung Fu Panda: •Po (With Hat) •Tigress WWE: •01 John Cena •Hulk Hogan - SOLD •Brie Bella - SOLD •Nikki Bella - SOLD •16 Paige •Rowdy Roddy Piper- SOLD •20 Ultimate Warrior •Andre The Giant - SOLD Condition: Like new


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