Ford - Explorer - 2002
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Ford - Explorer - 2002

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Heres what i have put on new coil packs, EGR, mass air flow sensor, new o2 sensors, just had oil change, brand new fuel filter, I have new injectors for it to be installed, carpet is clean. I have extra coil packs available for it the wheels in the picture are not the ones on it I have 2003 Ford explorer alloy wheels on it now it's got the third row seating in it aftermarket radio, kenwood door speakers ask me for any other questions. okay no there is no issues with the transmission again no there is no issues with the transmission it has a no maintenance transmission which means that the only way the transmission fluid can get put in it is on a lift and get service that way from underneath my my transmission has become low on fluid causing it to slip so all that needs to be done is transmission fluid to be put in and the slip goes away. It currently has a roof rack on top with 2 Derby City LED lihhts attached to it. Could be purrsuaded to let it go with truck probably could use a couple of tires but the tires will get you to where you're going thank you Title is clean waiting for duplicate

Ford - Explorer - 2002 in Louisville


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