• Ebike class A,  EMTB eacd6a84-def5-412c-976b-4089cbf2750c
  • Ebike class A,  EMTB 7815debf-260e-48fd-b5a6-efbc70a2b7f8
  • Ebike class A,  EMTB f2f8bf32-76c1-4266-b70f-53851bcd500a
  • Ebike class A,  EMTB f03b0cd4-bbf9-45ed-af97-f828af3d2176
  • Ebike class A,  EMTB 2de20549-ef69-4c4b-b8ed-2e2c27a11539

Ebike class A, EMTB

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1+ month

Fast 45 mph Ebike just built rode it a few times to make sure it all works fine. Started with a Trek Xcaliber 8 2019 brand new added a diy kit 1500 watt motor and paired it with a 48v (supposedly good cells, I'm not opening it up to look though) 20ah battery. It goes 33 up hill and if you peddal under full throttle it wheelies, or when you try a little harder at a stand still it starts floating. equipped with regen breaking and a direct drive rear hub motor so you no longer have to replace the chain every two months or the break pads. You can also find parts for much less and thay are more interchangable. serious offers only price is negotiable I will be building another with what I get for this one. 2x7 speed PAS Thumb throttle youtube.com/actvate Condition: Like new

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