Dungeons and Dragons
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Dungeons and Dragons

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Experienced game-master available for hire! - do you or your kids want to play DnD but you don’t know anyone that can teach them how and run the game? Let’s play! The campaign will be designed and tailored to your needs. - what is the setting? Traditional fantasy? Steampunk? Futuristic? - how many players? -One-off or multiple weeks? -Do you need help with character creation or want pre-made characters to choose from? -Do you just want some help to get going on running your own game with your friends? The games are usually accompanied by music and require only pencil and paper. 3.5 or 5th edition, although 5th edition is recommended and it’s recommended that you have your own players handbook, although we have some loaners. Each campaign will require an initial consultation, and appropriate set-up prep work. After that, price will be hourly.

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Dungeons and Dragons in Salt Lake City


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