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DJI Inspire1 v2

1+ month

This is the Inspire 1 second generation. Two batteries are the larger amperage and I've only used one for most of the flying, so the 47 and one of the 48s have less than 40 charges on them. Typical wear and tear, but I've never crashed it. Comes with everything in the pictures. It has the Zenmuse X3 detachable camera (20mm equivalent, f2.8, 94°FOV, 3.6mm) Owners manual, wires for Iphone or android, charger and cables, harness for remote, spare gimbal pieces and tool, and one set of propellers. Hard case to carry and store it is included. Also a wire to connect your remote so one of the batteries if you need to charge the remote. This drone is a really fun one to fly, I've had it up to about 45 mph. I just got a Mavic Pro and find myself using it more than I do this one. Everything works great with the whole system, I am more than happy to demonstrate it for you at time of purchase. Please don't waste my time with insulting offers, I'm not going to give the drone away, so don't ask if I'll take half the price. Condition: Good