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Clumping bamboo 'Rufa'

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Fargesia Dracocephala 'Rufa' Live Bareroot Plant This offer is for a single stem barerooted 1-gallon sized plant of the clumping bamboo. A proximate 2-3' in height. Fargesia Dracocephala 'Rufa' features a rusty reddish s health and droupy feathery foliage. This bamboo grows in a clump. Hardy Clumping bamboos can be planted without fear of them spreading beyond their assigned territory. Their rhizomes, the underground stems, are quite different than those of timber and other non-clumping bamboos. Mature height: 10', cane size .5" USDA Zone Hardiness: 5-9 (not ideal for high heat and humidity states) Hardiness: -15 degrees

Clumping bamboo 'Rufa' in Clinton


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