BMW - X5 - 2006
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BMW - X5 - 2006

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Let me start by saying that this truck has already had the valve stem seals done which is a $6,500 job. This truck will not smoke excessively at any given time for the entire rest of its life due to this repair. If you know about bmw then you know what this repair means. Below are a list of parts that have been replaced and ready for the next owner: Brand new valve steam seals: $6,500 Brand new water pump: $689 Brand new timing chain: $785 Brand new serpentine belt: $265 Brand new spark plugs: $175 Brand new battery: $255 + 3-Year warranty from July 15th, 2019 until July 15th, 2022 Brand new Tires except one: $688 Brand new oil change: $89 This bmw will last the next owner another 150,000 miles with oil changes the only thing needed. It drives brand new and runs brand new. AWD works flawlessly and even the panoramic roof works flawlessly. This bmw is most likely the best looking and best taken care of bmw in the market right now for the mileage. **CLEAN NEVADA TITLE**