Beanie Baby (all originals) collection
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Beanie Baby (all originals) collection

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23 days ago

Entire collection for sale including Diana bear (rare), holiday teddy (selling for $50-$850 avg $100)ewey ($70-$400), hippie ($99-$1,800), kicks ($150-5,200), valentina ($450-32,000), mac ($150-4,375), millenium (1999 not 2000! selling for $400-$20,000!) these 1st edition originals... baldy (one with a sitching error almost identical to mine except his right side is longer and my left side is with the identical tag errors is selling for $2,595 and at $600 with the same tag but no stitching error), fleece ($250-$1,000), doodle (selling for $2,500-$20,000!), batty (selling for $1,234), twigs (selling for $1,800), pouch (selling for $3,900), bongo (selling for $2,000) kiwi (selling for $1,200) and snort (missing swing tag). Quoted prices are for identical generations with identical tags and errors! Also libearty (pvc selling for $320), wise and 2 July birthday bears. Also the rare britannia mcdonalds beanie in the box!. Would prefer to sell them as a bundle but will consider an offer on single ones as well. Based on extensive research my collection is worth at least $26,000. That is on the lower end of the price spectrum, however I am not greedy nor asking for such a price. I will consider any reasonable offer that is made as long the worth of many of my rare and 1st edition collectables are noted. No offer is insulting and if I do not like it I will easily say no so please do not hesitiate to make one.