Batman Superman Justice League Talking Alarm Clock
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Batman Superman Justice League Talking Alarm Clock

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Holy Bat Alarm Batman! This is one cool rare and collectible alarm clock! It's a Justice League Batman, Superman, Flash alarm clock. Obviously made for anyone who loves the nostalgia of all things Batman will immediately fall in love with this and want it in his or her own Bat Cave. Designed with a cool, retro-looking base with a bat-speaker set at a perfect volume, Batman himself stands at the ready to save the day or night (or at least to get your day started...) The three-paneled back-lit view screen stands behind him, declaring the victorious stories of our favorite super heroes over some of their arch enemies. Use as a night light or, if you choose to keep your Cave darker, each panel only lights up when you press button one, two, or three and a narrator's voice comes booming from the Bat-speaker. You can even select whether to have these recorded phrases serve as your alarm - or choose the not-nearly-as-exciting standard alarm "beep." If voice is used for alarm each panel lights to match voice. Button 1) "Batman, The Dark Knight, stands guard over Gotham City and when duty calls, the world's greatest detective joins forces with the heroes of the Justice League to protect the World." Button 2) "Copperhead's venom can incapacitate even Superman, but rare is the time a snake can get so close to the Man of Steel. Button 3) With Superman's strength, Batman's skill, and the Flash's speed, even a brute like Solomon Grundy can be defeated.

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Batman Superman Justice League Talking Alarm Clock in Des Moines


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