Astrology ENERGY Reading SPECIAL
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Astrology ENERGY Reading SPECIAL

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$60 1 Hour Sessions Learn how to activate your fullest We are a network of specialized Cosmo-Counselors who are trained under the metaphysical system of Cosmophysics, an ancient method that defines cosmic influences on physical realities. We establish relationships with clients helping them discover clarity on their own available powers, challenges, and areas of potential. Our ultimate goal is to lead the natives to realizations that could help them progress while considering the influences that impact our daily lives. Clients include general members of society from all backgrounds, from business owners seeking key power dates, individuals wanting to understand which careers fall within their available energy, couples who wish to comprehend their relationship dynamic, plan marriage or conception dates, those who generally want to learn more about the energies that surrounded them, those who wish to knowtheir birth time, and ultimately those in need of cosmic assistance and clarity. We are honest communicators who respect the universal laws of karma. Under no circumstances will we violate a natives free-will or privacy. We follow a code of ethics that ensures confidentiality and we would never suggest or promote harmful behaviors. Ultimately, it is the native that has the free-will and power to utilize the information we provide. Book Today!

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Astrology ENERGY Reading SPECIAL in Las Vegas


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