Aquarium AquaBud (Combo Bird Aquarium)
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Aquarium AquaBud (Combo Bird Aquarium)

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Unique “AquaBud” aquarium. The inventor is letting the used prototype go! Price includes the stand, aquarium, lighted hood and bird cage. You can watch the original promo video by searching “AquaBud Aquarium” on Youtube or at The AquaBud aquarium will send your friends into Zen, while seeing a bird frolicking with sea creatures underwater. The Aquanauts Pet Aquariums are an astonishing site to behold that provides a unique alternative to typical aquariums. As you can see in the Youtube video, the bird cage is portable, so you can take the birds with you or place the birds in various locations. The aquarium stand is especially a great place for the birds to stay safe & warm in the evening and overnight. Condition: Good

Aquarium AquaBud (Combo Bird Aquarium) in Lake Elsinore


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