Antique Chuukese Love Sticks (RARE)
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Antique Chuukese Love Sticks (RARE)

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From Chuuk island group in Micronesia. These sticks were carved by men of the Chuuk island tribes as a part of their courtship traditions. Each man would carve his own unique pattern on to his love stick that could be identified by the single women in the village. According to tradition, when a man was interested in courting a woman for marriage the man would poke his love stick into the wall of her hut. The woman would then identify her suitor by the carvings on the love stick and decide if she was also interested in him. If she was interested she would pull the stick inside her hut, if she wasn’t interested she would push it out. These date back to the late 19th or early 20th century. RARE antique items. Selling as a set. Condition: Good

Antique Chuukese Love Sticks (RARE) in Manassas


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