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2001 Honda Civic

1+ month
Car details
3 seats

Honda Civic LX 2001 It Does Not Turn On. It needs to towed Pros Has a spoiler Good tires 3 out of 4 Tein Street basis Coilovers Has an Injen Intake but no filter 45% window tint Front 2 speakers are Kickers Newish battery it was 3 months installed Once the engine went out i unplugged the battery Cons Needs new engine Engine has a knock Transmission is slighty good but need 2nd gear and a new clutch The steering wheel is goodish The seats just need to be scrubed with some soap to get the dirt out Extras I have some parts for this EM2 like BWR LCA and SubFrame w/Hardware BWR Aluminum Lugs for all wheels Power Steering pump just in case the one installed goes out EM2/EP2 Engine mounts for a K-series engine They're innovative Engine mounts This car has been up and running with me since 2009. I would like to keep it just for memories but that's not going to happen. It will need to be towed

2001 Honda Civic in Reston


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