1987 Ford Mustang
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1987 Ford Mustang

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4 seats

Im selling are 1987 ford mustang .need it gone. The last time we drove it was about 5 years ago . And my husband spun it out in to a mail box . And i guess the safty button or what ever its called had poped so now it doesnt start but if you go in the back of in side and take every thing out and reset the button it should start.its an awesome engine.very fast. But! The catch is a rat is living in it i think so who knows what it had dune.two tiers are flat. Its been in are garage the hole its dusty and stuff.we want it gone do we can clean out the garage snd paint it so i can put my dodge charger in it. Its a 5.0 mustang.and we do o not have to be pink you eill have to file for a lost please take this car off of my hands. 500.00 as is or best offer

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