1 ticket to Paris France
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1 ticket to Paris France

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Always dreamed of visiting Parii? Never been abroad in your life? No passport for no apparent reason? No worries those excuses are only a small challenge when it comes to the power of the mind. Hang this image up in your living or work space, someplace you spend a significant amount of ur time. Then every day spend at least 1-5 mimutes staring at this picture of Paris and memorizing the details of the image. While doing so remind yourself that step one is to get the passport. In fact focus soley on the passport while staring at the picture. The passport is the primary focus for now. With out the passport all your doing is day dreaming and day dreaming will not get you to Parii. Lets keep it simple for now. Buy this poster and get your passport then contact me on this app. for further instructions. One step at a time so that you arent over whelmed because it can get pretty complicated. Thats all for now. Scroll down if u absolutley must know step 2 right now. SPOILER ALERT: Step 2- Buy a ticket to Parii

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