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1 Terabyte PS4 Pro

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Selling brand new NEVER USED/NEVER OPENED PS4 Pro Bundle. I get them often, first come, first serve. THE PRICE IS ABSOLUTELY FIRM AND NON-NEGOTIABLE!! I won't even accept They retail for $422.94 ($399 plus tax), so feel free to purchase one at the retailers. IF I DON'T RESPOND TO YOUR "OFFER" IT's BECAUSE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT "PRICE IS FIRM" MEANS -It's sealed and has never been opened, you're more than welcome to open the box and verify that. -Can meet at the Panera bread in Beltsville (next to the Police station) or any police station in Laurel or Beltsville -Will not ship -Cash only!! What's in the box: 1 Terabyte PS4 Pro console 1 controller HDMI Cord Power adapter Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Do it come with games? A: No Q: Why are you selling them so cheap? A: Feel free to pay me the full retail price if you so desire Q: Is it Brand New? A: Yes they've never been opened, you're more than welcome to open the box and make sure the contents are intact Q: How do I know it works? A: I doubt Sony would sell a defective product Q: Would you accept $250? A: I won't even accept $289 I hope I've answered all your questions Condition: New