How can I make more sales?

Here are some tips that may help you make more deals on letgo.

Use your own clear, well-lit photos

Well lit photos

It’s hard to make an offer if you don’t know exactly what you’re getting! That’s why the photos you take should showcase what you’re selling in the best light - literally. Upload up to 10 clear, well-lit, quality photos showing off different angles and important details. (Don’t rely on stock images, either. Photos you take yourself inspire way more confidence in buyers!)

Set your price wisely

Not sure where to start with your price? Check out how much similar items in your area are selling for on letgo! A competitive price and a little willingness to negotiate go a long way with buyers. Just don’t list it for less money than you’ll accept (including listing something for free when it isn’t)!

Buyers love discounts

If you’re not getting as many bites as you’d like, you can edit your price or even set it as “Negotiable” to test the waters!

Write a detailed title and description

Our advanced image recognition makes it easy to name and sort what you’re selling, but you should give your listings a little human touch by adding a title and detailed description of your own. (You can also edit your title at any time.)

Details aren't just details

Speaking of descriptions, try to anticipate buyers’ questions when you’re listing an item. Details like the size of a dress, the model of a smartphone, or the weight of a championship-winning bowling ball are all things buyers will want to know about. Be honest about any damage or defects, too - nobody wants to be surprised by a scratched screen or a wobbly chair.

Build trust

Verified users make better deals - and faster, too! Build up your verification score to inspire confidence in buyers, and complete your profile with an accurate photo and a short bio. (Of you. Not of Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep.)