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Wedding dress

Message the seller :

1+ month

I'd like my dress to be part of happiest moment of another lucky girl's night. This dress was the first step toward a dream that I had always wished and I am ready to share it with whomever that is interested. This beautiful dress was custom designed to my dream and has a touch of perfection. Interesting fact about this dress is since I'm a picky girl and searched the entire GTA and wasn't ableb to find what I wamted, so I emded up going to the USA and searched and finally found it. It cost me well more than USD 4150 $and since i wore it once, I'm willing to go as low as CAD 650$ and better news is that the price is still negotiable. I'm moving to the USA in a few weeks and trying to see things I won't be able to take with me. If you are Interested in plz text (Phone number hidden by letgo)