VW G60 RSR Outlet
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VW G60 RSR Outlet

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RSR Billet Only: The Original! $100 Or best offer MCNC Machined billet. The BBM RSR outlet has far less back pressure restriction than the OEM RALLYE GOLF adapter outlet. Increases boost pressure with a quicker boost build rate. A solid torque and power increase from the very low rpm's to redline. Sharper throttle response without the damping effect of the factory silencer box. Crisper G-Lader sound, minimizes droning without additional interior noise. A direct replacement for the leak-prone plastic silencer box outlet. Does Not Include: Reduction Hose, Bolt, Washer, O-Ring. Bead Formed Adapter Sleeve, Clamps or Lock Tight. Made in the USA by BBM

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