Vintage rubber wresters
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Vintage rubber wresters

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Vintage rubber wrestlers, after research and speaking with husband we came to an agreement ont selling the figures at a reasonable price ... some are rare to find and we priced it so we can sell and knowing its below the price of what they are worth... British Bulldogs...$65 for pair Jesse the body... $10 Adorable adrian..$10 JYD (rare)..$30 WITHOUT COLLAR $45 with collar King harley (rare) no crown.. $25 Nikolai no hat..$30 Rand savage...$25.0 George the animal x2...$15 each Bobby heenan, big john, king Kong.. $60 for all 3 Jake the snake $30 good condition $ 15 for other Kamala......$40 Corporal Kirchner x3.. $10 each Tito Santana good condition $20 $10 for other Hercules Hernandez $15 Delivery jones $15 4" finger puppet $5 Hulk hogan yellow ..$15 King Kong with writing on it $5 Jimmy snuka $10 Iron shiek $10 Bam bam Bigelow (rare)...$60 Bret hart (rare) good condition $60 Hulk white shirt (very rare) $80 Jimmy hart $20 Mean gene, wonderful paul for 2 ..$25 Prices are firm, pick up only, no holds and if I missed any pls let me know and I can see the price to sell x posted

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