Vintage Casio PT-20 Keyboard (Used)
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Vintage Casio PT-20 Keyboard (Used)

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Casio PT-20 for sale. Truly a gem of a find for any collection. Functions correctly in every way. Extremely fun to play and experiment on. The PT-20 has auto-accompaniment with notes and chord modifiers - maj, min, maj7th, aug, dim, etc. There is a pitch wheel on the backside where you can precisely modify the tuning if necessary. Year Released: 1982 Keyboard: 29 keys ROM: 7 sounds, 17 rhythms Power Consumption: 1 watt Dimensions: 345 mm x 95 mm x 31.7 mm Weight: 596 g This keyboard has built-in 0.5-watt mono speaker(s). Batteries: AA x 5

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