Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom - speakers  
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Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom - speakers  

28 days ago

The Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom is a tall and impressive floor standing loudspeaker that uses a 25mm (1.00") soft dome high frequency, a 165mm (6.50") bass driver and an additional 165mm (6.50") supplementary bass driver to produce a high impact, authoritative performance capable of huge scale dynamics for home theatre or hi-fi use. In common with the other models in the range, it is extremely easy to drive with entry level amplification, but is certainly worthy of higher quality amplifiers to unleash its real potential. High output levels combine with deep, tuneful bass and crisp treble detail deliver great dynamics while high power handling is assured due to the two bass driver's substantial magnet assemblies. The Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom is a high impact speaker suited to medium to larger home cinema systems, this when partnered with other models in the Tannoy Mercury F Custom range. The commonality of drive unit design and voicing characteristics across the whole system ensuring full acoustic synergy across the whole 5.1 system. The Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom is also an exceptional two channel floor stand stereo system in larger rooms, where the authority of the presentation is complimented by the detail and accuracy of the mid range and high frequencies. Low frequency detail is maintained even when listening at low volume. The soundstage is so involving is created when driven well by good quality power that you will be reach

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