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Subaru Legacy LSi

1+ month
Car details
5 seats

Runs and drives. this is a 1995 Subaru lsi station wagon with only 175,000 miles. Cheap vehicle to insure ,Accident free and clean title. I'm selling it because I was injured and don't drive much these days. The good: has the legendary EJ22 phase2 boxer engine so its extremely reliable. Gets about 28 mpg combined. Very spacious ( I'm 6'5 and have no complaints). This lsi trim has a power sunroof throwing in a FM cassette​ transmitter so you can play music from your phone and last but not least a spare tire with a road side kit( car jack, tire iron, mallet gas tank) and first aid kit. The bad: cosmetically paint could use a touch-up Mechanically, there is a leak in the radiator hose so the car leaks coolant and eventually overheats in about 25 minutes this is a minor fix either patch the hose for 20 bucks or replace the radiator as whole for about 65. Needs a new battery but will start with a jump

Subaru Legacy LSi in Frederick


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