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Studio photography

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Hello, my name is Alessia Nole and I have a passion for cinematic photography...and my name is Elisa-Marie and I work alongside Alessia in helping to plan, organize, style and direct shoots. There's just something about a photo that reads as a video - that transcends off of the screen and makes you feel an emotion. It's more than just the click of the button. It is the custom edit that can turn a grey sky into a moody adventure, or a light blue sea into a dark escape. Enough of the nerdy stuff... I like taking pictures, and you need your picture taken! Below is my pricing, but feel free to contact me to see if we can work out something reasonably within your budget. I look forward to shooting you! (not literally. I swear I'm friendly) Weddings, engagements, live events, lifestyle ads, models....etc Packages: 1-2 Hours: $180 2-4 Hours: $280 5+ Hours: Day rate $400 Able to travel outside of Toronto :) Let us know if you also require an assistant for the day who can style clothing, hair or makeup.

Studio photography in Toronto


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