Reversible Diesel Bomber Jacket
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Reversible Diesel Bomber Jacket

1+ month

Was bought for 250, still in excellent condition. It was barely worn and it's been hanging in my closet for the past couple of months. Fabric is satin, a large and easily one of the best clothesline out there. It's reversible, both completely different but unique and stylish. A one of a kind at a completely low yet reasonable price for a beauty this jacket is. This jacket has sentimental value to me, hate to see it go but i never find time to wear it. I'd rather have someone else get the feeling i had when i first put on this bomber coat. No need for me to hang on to it anymore. A Reversible Satin Diesel Bomber Jacket. Only for 40$. Have any questions, message me. Also can drop it off. I added screenshots of a website to show how much this jacket is worth. This is a great deal for a high end Diesel clothesline. Won't find any other deal like this on the market.

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